Month: April 2013


Jaguar Update

I wanted to set in stone where I am now with Jaguar.  This post will give me the incentive to push forward during the times when the words just won’t come.

As of this morning I am at around the half way mark of my first revision (second draft) and my goal is to have this draft finished by the end of May.

I am getting some great feedback from my main critique partner, ChrisB – from AQC which will stand me in good stead for my next draft.  Due to some of her comments I have been moving one or two of the chapters around to allow the novel to flow better.  I really must say that having a CP opens your eyes and is invaluable.  Thanks Chris 🙂

I am also working on my agent query letter which is even harder than writing the novel in the first place.  I has to be slick, it has to catch their attention and leave them wanting to read your manuscript.

I am hoping to start querying in August and would like to polish the MS with beta readers in July before I start the querying process.  If you are interested in becoming a beta reader then drop me a line.

Word Count:  43,288

Draft Of Book Jacket

Talk about ambitious, cart before horse etc, but I just couldn’t resist seeing what a book cover could possibly look like.  This is just an idea for one but as I am going down the traditional route for publishing I doubt that the cover will look like this on the end product.

Jaguar Book Jacket

Query And First Chapter Of JAGUAR


Valaria is young, imprisoned, and pregnant. She’s also a jaguar.

Ripped from her home in the southern Pantanal region of Brazil, she and her mate are cast into a cold and damp illegal predator collection on the edge of Exmoor Forest, England.

When her mate is slain by their keeper she grabs the opportunity to escape, but preparing for the imminent birth of her cubs may be harder than she could have ever imagined. Heavily frequented by humans, the north Devon woodland presents an even more dangerous proposition than her natural home in the dark and humid rain forests of South America. Bringing them into the world may be one thing, but raising them safely is another matter.

If her captor, Edward Forsyth, succeeds in tracking her down then putting herself between the barrel of his gun and her cubs to ensure their freedom may be her only option.


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This blog is primarily a sounding board for fiction novels that I am writing.  I would love constructive comments on the items I post.  This will allow me to revise anything that does not work for you, the readers.

The items will be sample chapters of my fiction, enjoy 🙂