Month: June 2013


Dragon Training School….

Things are getting serious for Gerald now as we build to the climax of the book.  Zack and Colin are both quite enjoying the location they are visiting but Gerald’s nemesis is beginning a trek that may lose him more than just a few fingers.

Onwards they go, this little cast of characters, and very soon we will be hearing the words ‘Let Battle Commence’ as Gerald tries to finally right a wrong and Vabalaz attempts to prevent our little wizard’s success.

I must say this has been an enjoyable book to write so far and I am hoping readers, both young and old, will have as much fun reading it.

Current word count: 60,320

This Is Why I Have A Critique Partner…

It is warm outside, the pool is shimmering in the morning sun.  This is the day Gerald begins its journey towards the final climax.

Yesterday would have been the day this happened but, luckily – or unluckily, it all depends on how you see it – for me, my critique partner Christine Berman pointed out what could have been a major problem later down the line.

There was a timeline overlap between the bad guy and Gerald which would have been jarring for the reader.  Although the timing was correct for the characters, the order of one chapter overhauled the next causing a ???? for the readers.

This is one reason why it is very wise to have a partner when working on a novel, they can save you a lot of work and major heartache further down the line when your brain is frazzled to a cinder trying to ensure you have a nail biting ending.

A critique partner is invaluable, at least I think so, and the above bears out one of the reasons why I am very lucky with mine.  There are many other benefits to this ‘symbiotic’ relationship such as helping to sort out a sticky plot hurdle and relighting your fire when you just cannot get the words from your head to the page.  All in all for me a critique partner is an essential part of the writing process, and apart from pulling your darling to pieces he/she can show you that writing is not the lonely process it once was.

I spent yesterday working on chapter 16 and restoring normality to the flow of the novel.

Phew!! Crisis averted thanks to my eagle eyed CP 🙂

I now start this weekend in a positive frame; I have the final few chapters to write and today is the beginning of the end, as it were.

Current Word Count:  52, 137

Gerald Is Going Strong….

Great start to the weekend and still on course for completing first draft by the end of this month.  Chapter sixteen has just been put to bed and chapter seventeen feels like it will be a fun one to write.

I will hopefully be able to clean up the manuscript enough to allow me to enter the competition at the end of July.  I am increasing my daily word count goal and meeting it successfully, so we’ll have to see if I can keep up the pressure.  Gerald is having fun and the bad guy not so much LOL.

See you on the next update. Any readers out there are welcome to hop onto the train and give feedback.

Current Word Count: 45,215

I Also Want This…

I really want one of these in my garden 🙂

Zack - Gerald's Dragon

I obtained this image from “The weird world of Jack”

I Want This…

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I want this soooo bad LOL.

My Library... in my dreams

Forging Ahead…

I have set myself a, probably, unrealistic deadline for Gerald but I am going to push as hard as I can to reach it.  There is a competition I wish to enter and the last day for entry is 29 July 2013 which gives me around 7 weeks to finish the novel and get it into as polished a state as possible.  Judging by the blurb about the competition Gerald is just what they are looking for and as the agency only holds a competition for humorous fiction once a year I am going to have to push myself to reach this year’s deadline.

I have put chapter 11 to bed and am half way through chapter 12 which brings me close to the halfway point in the novel.  I will also be needing readers to jump aboard as I push for the finish line so if you are interested in becoming a reader for these final few weeks while I pull Gerald into shape please give me a shout.

Current word count:  31,763

Gerald Progress…

Still going strong.  Chapter nine has been put to bed and I’ve also nearly done with chapter ten.  Vabalaz has just written himself into a fairly dodgy situation and now I need to figure out how to get him out of it.  It probably won’t happen without the loss of a body part LOL.

Current Word Count:  26,801