Month: September 2013


Cover Reveal – The Earth Bleeds Red

I’m excited to announce the cover for Jackson Paul Baer’s first novel, THE EARTH BLEEDS RED, (to be published by Pandamoon Publishing during October 2013)

THE EARTH BLEEDS RED is  part literary, part suspense, and will cause you to fall in love with the Miller family.

The Earth Bleeds Red Cover SmlScott and Jessie are a couple in love. Ashley, their only daughter, is 17-years old and has vanished; leaving behind nothing but a pool of blood. Her strange disappearance is quickly thought to be a homicide. Her cozy, northwest town is stunned when police find the body of another girl at the bottom of the Willamette River. The eerie signature found on the girl links to a monster dubbed the Hail Mary Killer. While Scott searches for Ashley, the FBI feels convinced that she is the killer’s latest victim.

In spite of three other bodies with the same distinct marking, no one prepared themselves for the discovery in southern Oregon. Local hikers stumble upon a car in the mountain brush and a tattooing needle with an evil history surfaces inside. A cabin appears nearby with another gruesome discovery. Scott finds some solace in his friendship with Father Henry as he and Jessie try to salvage their marriage and move on beyond the loss of Ashley. The FBI finally catches a break when they unearth the dark past of the Hail Mary Killer’s family. What emerged in his basement is more terrifying than anyone could have possibly imagined.

What happens to the Miller family and Father Henry will shake your soul and keep you reading till the last page.

Queries That Hooked An Agent #1 – Michelle Hauck – PYGMY HAZARDS

For our first query of the series I would like to welcome Michelle Hauck, whose query for PYGMY HAZARDS was the first step in obtaining representation from Sarah Negovetich of the Corvisiero Literary Agency.  Congratulations Michelle 🙂

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Queries That Hooked An Agent

As we fret our way through the query trenches, sending out our souls to the people who hold our dreams in their hands, we always wonder whether our queries are as awesome as we come to believe they are. And we must believe this otherwise we wouldn’t be sending them out.

We spend months (longer most likely) biting our nails and repeatedly ripping our perfect query to shreds.  We enter competitions to critique them, we post them on forums in the hope someone out there has the magic wand that can turn our grain of sand into the pearl an agent is looking for.

Time and time they come back as a form rejection and we dive back into the query to see where we have gone wrong.  Until that fateful day when someone sheds a ray of light in your direction and asks to see more of your story.

I am putting together a series of these pearls of the query world.  Queries which have made some writers’ dreams come true.  The dream of obtaining representation.  Each post will show the query that got the writer a request and ultimately an offer of representation.  The post will also include a paragraph by the agent on why the query worked for them.  Finally I’ll be putting up a short bio about the author and agent with links to their websites/blogs.

Michelle Hauck rep’d by Sarah Negovetich is our first successful query to be posted for you to view.  This query is for her novel PYGMY HAZARDS. Her blog is a fantastic resource for writers and also runs amazing contests.  It should be on every writer’s must visit list.  Her query that hooked an agent can be seen here.

Peggy Wheeler Eddleman, rep’d by Sara Crowe has graciously agreed to contribute her query for SKY JUMPERS (Due to be published by Random House September 24, 2013). I should have it ready for you by 14/15 Oct.

I hope you will find this series as enjoyable and educational as I will.  🙂

Quick update On Gerald and Jaguar

I am now actively querying Gerald while I continue to tweak Jaguar.

I have updated the preview chapters section with the latest versions of both novels and also added the queries.

Feel free to take a look and leave comments 🙂