Month: July 2014


Death, The Devil And The Goldfish by Andrew Buckley

Death, The Devil And The Goldfish CoverNigel Reinhardt starts his day suspended upside down, from the top of a tall building, by a moronic thug. This isn’t too unusual if you owe a loan shark over fifty grand.  But it’s probably not the norm for a police detective.  Apart from being an awesome copper Nigel has this teensy gambling problem, the result of which has landed him in this little spot of bother.  Normally this wouldn’t be too much of an issue as Nigel has a talent for talking himself out of tough spots.

Meanwhile the Devil, Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, or whatever is your favorite moniker, has decided to take a week off from Hades to wreak havoc on our little blue planet.  Things don’t go too right for him as the body he aimed to posses had the audacity to die and that means he ends up in someone (thing) he didn’t expect.  Not too much of a problem; after all he’s the devil.  But, collecting souls is a bit of a problem when Death gets rat arsed in Ireland and promptly quits his job.  Now no-one is dying.Well, not totally true as they do actually die but as there is no-one to guide them to their correct destination they promptly return to earth, alive.

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Stiltskin by Andrew Buckley

Stiltskin CoverRichard Darkly has had a crappy day and has no idea of how much worse it is about to get. The fact that a homicidal dwarf landed in his bathtub and a lunatic fairy renders him unconscious is just the beginning of the adventure – no scratch that, I mean nightmare – which is about to follow.

Strange things have happened to him throughout his life and he has come to expect them. But when he is thrust into another world where the characters from fairy tales of childhood seem to live, but not exactly as sweet and jolly as he was led to expect, then his sanity and whole belief system is tested to the full.

This story is a helter-skelter ride of hilarity and fun.

Definitely a must read for anyone who enjoys humorous fantasy.  Get your copy here.  You won’t regret it.

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Salvation by Jame Wymore

perf6.000x9.000.inddA soldier left for dead on an icy wasteland is taken in by a benevolent couple, Masey and Bowen. He has no recollection of his life before waking in the aftermath of the battle. After months of care by his new adoptive family he takes the name Masey was to give the child she never bore; Elwood.

Elwood instinctively knows weapons, how to fight and how to lead men in battle. These skills are desperately needed in the months to come when he must build an army from his new extended family.  They must fight or die at the hands of the creatures who took his memory, and past life, from him.

This is a great story which is filled with action and emotion.  A must read for all who love fantasy. Get your copy here. :)

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An Eye Above by Robert Polk (Cover Reveal)

Operation Tree Roper Cover

Twelve-year-old Declan Parker was born with only one eye, but all he seems to have trouble seeing in proper perspective is himself. All he wants is for kids to see him as normal before he starts a new school in the fall. To that end, he sets out to make money helping with his dad’s tree care business.

Unfortunately, when his dad lands in the hospital after a climbing accident, Declan’s surgery hopes are wrecked. His only hope remains in a neighbor girl and her uncle, a wounded army veteran. Can they help him save his dad’s business, or will Declan’s once-courageous drive turn into total despair?

Operation Tree Roper: An Eye Above is a well-crafted story about a strong, dauntless young man who redefines the value of self-reflection. Declan is a character you won’t be able to forget.

Welcome to your new favorite book…

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This Weekend


My new Kindle Paperwhite arrives tomorrow and I have a lot planned for it.

First I’m beta reading for a fellow author, then I am reading two novels for upcoming reviews here.  This should keep me out of trouble for the next few days and I’ll be hunting around for more books to review, plus reading the free classics that are available on Amazon (I think Jules Verne may feature heavily) 🙂