Month: January 2016


First Live Gig

Eastons 40th Bash(1)After many years of being a, so called, bedroom guitarist I finally had the opportunity to play in front of a live audience. A friend of mine was playing at a birthday party for her husband and asked me to accompany her on guitar. It was a fantastic evening and I am so glad that I had the chance to finally fulfill one of my lifetime ambitions.  Thank you Andrea for an awesome night.

Query And First Chapter Of WILFRID

Hi all,

My latest work in progress is now under way.  Below is a query and the first chapter, I hope you enjoy it.  Feedback is always welcome so please don’t be afraid to leave comments 🙂


It is the Dark Ages and Anglo Saxon England is a dangerous place to live.  Within a week of becoming a man, twelve year old Wilfrid witnesses the savage slaying of his father by Kronwearh, a mythical wolf of legend.

Determined to avenge his father’s death he sets off to track and kill the beast himself.  Unbeknown to Wilfrid, his best friend, Godric, follows.  When Wilfrid finds the beast his friend is slain by Kronwearh and Wilfrid barely escapes with his life.  He returns home to find he is ostracized by the members of his village.  Causing the death of the Thegn’s son and preventing him from entering Waelheall is an abomination to the people he once called family.

His only chance of redemption lies with a Wicca living in the depths of the forests surrounding his Wessex home.  She has the key to defeating Kronwearh.  Wilfrid has less than two weeks to kill the beast and return to Woden’s shrine in time for the Blot Monath ceremony or his father and best friend are doomed to spend eternity between worlds.

WILFRID is an Upper MG Medieval Fantasy and is complete at 65,000 words.


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