Month: November 2016


Author Essentials

Brandon Sanderson is one of the most influential fantasy writers today. His books have taken the standard epic fantasy genre and breathed new life into it. His fresh approach has made me a definite fan and I try and read everything he writes. Apart from writing he also teaches a creative writing class at Brigham Young University where each lecture is filmed and made publicly available. I came across his series a few years ago and have now watched the latest ones filmed in 2016, which are very well produced. Below is the introduction to the series.

These video lectures are an invaluable resource to authors, both published and those seeking publication. They look at characterization,  setting and plotting as well as delving into areas that all authors should be aware of when it comes to creating your platform and what to expect in publishing contracts. I have this series bookmarked and each time I revisit them I find something new. Each video also has links in the description for resources that you should look at which are applicable to each lecture making this series a must for any author who is serious about a career in this industry.

Trying Scrivener 2

Trying Scrivener 2 for my latest novel and so far it seems to be doing a good job of keeping all my notes and character info etc. I can export exactly as my publisher requires 🙂


I imported JAGUAR into Scrivener 2 to see how well it pulls a full novel into the software. I am actually very pleased with it and have found that I can break the novel down easily and move scenes around to alleviate problems such as ‘head hopping’.

I can also pull research documents and images into the software which is a great tool. Word just does not allow all those functions. If I want to move a scene I have to cut and paste which becomes tiresome after a while.



Writing A Scene From GERALD 2 – Live

Here is a live session where I am writing a scene from GERALD 2, the sequel to GERALD AND THE AMULET OF ZONRACH which is being published by Immortal Works and due for release in the fall of next year (2017).

This scene finds Gerald leaving a glade where he has had some pretty bad news which will definitely have a big impact on whether he will return to Wyverndawn as a wizard or not. I wanted to show my readers how I work through a scene and ultimately get it down on the page. The key here is to write and not worry too much about polishing, that comes later with revisions. Just get the story down as it unfolds in your mind.

You will see that I have used the MS Word document map to put down some ideas, thoughts and notes on characters. I don’t show these in the video as I don’t want to put any spoilers in there for my readers. These are used to help me clarify where I want to go in the chapter and act as a guide, although ultimately it is the characters that drive my stories along. I am, pretty much, a pantser and like the characters to lead me along with only a gentle guiding hand by me. This is not always the case though and sometimes they send me off in directions I never imagined. I have even had characters appear that were a total surprise.

I hope you enjoy this video and get feel for what it is like to be a writer. If your mind is creating as I go through the scene perhaps you should join this wonderful world of writing. 🙂

Not just an author

Says it all really. Along with writing and reading this is the only other thing that I am really passionate about.

animal rescuer

My Other Passion

Mel and I have been volunteering at the Moringa’s Mission Sancutary spay/neuter clinic in Sabaneta, Dominican Republic. These clinics do a lot more than just spay and neuter. MM’s visiting vet, Dr Brent Babcock has to deal with many cases which locals cannot afford to pay for. This allows Moringa’s Mission to ease the suffering of many animals that would not be able to receive veterinary treatment otherwise.

Spay/Neuter Clinic