Month: May 2017


Pen Review – Visconti Rembrandt

My review of a pen I’ve been waiting for. The price was perfect and it arrived quickly. Thank you Anderson Pens

Pen Review – Parker 45 Flighter

This is the first of my pen reviews where I talk about a resurrected Parker 45 Flighter. I really enjoy writing with this pen, although it does seem to have a sweet spot on the nib.

I hope to be doing more of these as my pen collection grows. Next there should be a review of a Visconti Rembrandt which has just arrived

Gerald – Book Trailer

I just created a little book trailer using free software, images and music.

This is not an official book trailer by my publisher, it is my amateurish attempt and all errors are my own.

I hope you enjoy it

Carl Hackman – Author – Q&A

This is a short Q&A session where I answer questions that I have been asked recently. I’m hoping to do more of these video logs so keep the questions coming.

This video was also a test for my new lapel microphone which I’m quite pleased with.

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