"I seriously doubt that I would have attempted to write my first novel if I hadn't broken my back. The Navy was all I knew until that day."

-Carl Hackman

Born in Folkstone, England in 1961, Carl grew up in many different locations, including Zambia, Africa. He spent most of his school years in Leeds, West Yorkshire, where his extended family lived. He will be the first to admit that he was never a great student, but he did love reading. The last thing he would ever have imagined during his time at school was that he would achieve his dream of seeing his name on the cover of a published novel.

After serving eighteen years in the British Royal Navy, Carl was medically discharged with a broken back and started his first novel. He had almost completed it when he had to put it aside to earn a living wage. He taught himself Visual Basic and became a computer programmer. Although it paid enough to live on he felt unfulfilled and became unhappy with the rat race. He and his wife decided to move to the Dominican Republic for a slower pace of life.

He started to write GERALD, his second novel. The first draft was completed within six months and went through revision after revision until he had it shining like a new penny. James Wymore saw the novel and championed it through a few more revisions and it was finally published by Immortal Works on May 15 2017 as his debut novel.

Since finishing GERALD, Carl has completed the first novel he started and nearly completed his third. They are all very different and say a lot about his interests in life. Fantastical worlds, animals and medieval England. When Carl is not writing he rescues animals in need and has even taken that so far as to gain a qualification, Veterinary Assistant.

In Carl’s ideal world he would be writing novels and helping magical creatures such as Dragons, Unicorns and Phoenixes.