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Carl HackmanAfter serving eighteen years in the British Royal Navy I was medically discharged with a broken back and started my first novel. I had almost completed it when I had to earn a living wage so I taught myself Visual Basic and became a computer programmer. Although it paid enough to live on I felt unfulfilled and became unhappy with the rat race. My wife  and I decided to move to the Dominican Republic for a slower pace of life.

I started to write GERALD, my second novel. The first draft was completed within six months and went through revision after revision until I had it shining like a new penny. James Wymore saw the novel and championed it through a few more revisions and it will finally be published by Immortal Works as my debut novel.

Since finishing GERALD I have completed the first novel I started and am half way through my third. They are all very different and say a lot about my interests in life. Fantastical worlds, animals and medieval England. When I’m not writing I rescue animals in need and have even taken that so far as to gain a qualification, Veterinary Assistant.

In my ideal world I would be writing novels and helping magical creatures such as Dragons, Unicorns and Phoenixes.

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  1. Curt says:

    I actually found you from your amazing house mods on Skyrim. You are very talented. So I followed a link from your YouTube and found you here. When I read the profile about “your pack” I actually cried. I can’t believe the cruelty of people when it comes to dogs. Thank you so much for giving these beautiful animals such a wonderful home. There’s a higher place in heaven for you for sure. I currently have 1 Giant Schnauzer (144 pounds) and I recently lost my other just before last Thanksgiving. I’m still grieving for him and miss him so much. It was truly like losing a child for me. I’m half of a gay couple (together for 28 years – partner dying of MS) so with no children, these become our surrogates. And I loved the line in your profile “they give us way more than we ever give them.” It is so true. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you for what you did for those beautiful dogs. You are an amazing human being. I’m off now to learn more of your literary work.

    My best to you, your wife, and those beautiful dogs.


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