Author School Visits

I’m pretty excited about the latest development as I head towards the launch date for my novel ‘Gerald and the amulet of Zonrach’

I had a meeting today with Hannah Anderson, one of the English teachers at the International School of Sosua, which went amazingly well. As a result I have secured a series of visits with 6th and 7th grade classes. The visits will start with an introduction to me and my writing, allowing the students to hear about the journey from starting a novel to finally being accepted for publication. After that we will be talking about various aspects of creative writing such as character, dialog and setting. Nothing too deep, but enough to allow them to get a feel for the process and hopefully inspire them.

From there we decided it would be great to write a collaborative novelette. All students would have an active part in the story we will tell. We have decided on a loose framework to allow their creative juices to flow. All the lessons will be interactive so that they can physically walk through the story. After each session their homework will be to write the scene we discussed and played out.

This is a very exciting time and I can’t wait to get stuck in 🙂

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