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Dungeon Crawlers Radio Interview

Hi, things are definitely moving along at the moment. As well as working on the next in the Gerald series I am being interviewed and I’d thought you might like to hear one that was recently recorded by Hugo award finalists, Dungeon Crawlers Radio. You can download the podcast from iTunes and GooglePlay. ๐Ÿ™‚

Gerald Release

Hi all, this is a quick post as I’m an extremely busy guy at the moment, which is a good thing. I am recording interviews, working in a local bookstore and writing the sequel to Gerald and the amulet of Zonrach, which was released on May 16th. It is available wherever books are sold and here is the Amazon USA link.

I have placed a short video below to so you can see how the launch party went. Even though the weather did what it could to dampen the event we all had a great time ๐Ÿ™‚

Pen Review – Visconti Rembrandt

My review of a pen I’ve been waiting for. The price was perfect and it arrived quickly. Thank you Anderson Pens

Pen Review – Parker 45 Flighter

This is the first of my pen reviews where I talk about a resurrected Parker 45 Flighter. I really enjoy writing with this pen, although it does seem to have a sweet spot on the nib.

I hope to be doing more of these as my pen collection grows. Next there should be a review of a Visconti Rembrandt which has just arrived

Gerald – Book Trailer

I just created a little book trailer using free software, images and music.

This is not an official book trailer by my publisher, it is my amateurish attempt and all errors are my own.

I hope you enjoy it

Carl Hackman – Author – Q&A

This is a short Q&A session where I answer questions that I have been asked recently. I’m hoping to do more of these video logs so keep the questions coming.

This video was also a test for my new lapel microphone which I’m quite pleased with.

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Here is a short video showing my other passion; animal rescue. Moringa’s Mission / Los Ayudantes de Animales Republica Dominicanaโ€‹ do a lot here, in the Dominican Republic, to help the local animal population and Dee Morrison works tirelessly to rescue and treat any animal in distress. She lives the life of an animal rescuer and Moringa’s is a charity well worth supporting. ๐Ÿ™‚

Moringa’s Facebook Page:


My journey to being published. There are areas here that might be of interest to all writers not matter which path they take to getting their book into the public eye. I talk more about the process of having a publisher behind you rather than having to do it all yourself.

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Author narration of the first chapter of my debut novel, Gerald and the amulet of Zonrach, due to be released by Immortal Works on May 16th 2017

Sorry for the little mistakes, I’m not a professional narrator LOL.

If you have any questions or comments please put them below and I’ll answer them in my next video. Subscribe and follow on my social media to see what I’m working on.