Brandon Sanderson Classes 2013

A quick post about the Brandon Sanderson Lectures.

Here is the description direct from the webpage.

Beginning June 3, the online version of Brandon Sanderson’s 2013 creative writing class will be recreated online at this site. The format will be like this:

  1. Every Monday, I’ll post that week’s lecture.
  2. Optionally, throughout the week I’ll post a couple “creative catalysts” you can respond to that consist of a flash fiction writing prompts focusing on a principle Brandon taught. They’ll be constrained to around 250 words and are supposed to only represent 5 minutes of internal-editor-free writing to get your creative writerly muscles warmed up.
  3. By each Thursday, you’ll be expected to post a 1000 word submission to the specialized forum I have set up. I almost have it done, but suffice it to say it will look somewhat similar to Quora or Stackoverflow if you’re familiar with those.
  4. By Monday (in time for the next lecture), you should have critiqued at least 4 other students submissions.
  5. By the end of the September (in 4 months), have have written 30,000 words, hopefully a complete novelette.

Some have asked about cost, and just like the site is now there will be no charge. I’m doing all of this for a masters degree project and the best way you can give back is by simply actively engaging in the class. And I might have one or two short surveys for you. :)

For full details on how to get involved and watch the intro video by Brandon go to Brandon Sanderson’s 2013 Summer Class

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