Comment On GERALD I had to share.

GERALD is out with several agents and a few readers at the moment and it is great when you get a positive response especially when it is from your target audience.

GERALD was written for a wide age range and I wanted it to be a book that the whole family can enjoy.  I received this comment in my twitter inbox from Kathy Palm.

“You sent Gerald to me a looooong time ago. My 12yo son, 11yo daughter and I have not forgotten! We are slow, but are more than halfway through the book!

My kids go to bed excited to hear more! I am reading it to them … well us. We laugh out loud! We love your characters.

And we LOVE dragons! I will get more of our thoughts to you once we’ve finished, but wanted you to know that we are enjoying it. Thanks for sharing …”

A great start to 2014, thank you Kathy 🙂

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