Forging Ahead…

I have set myself a, probably, unrealistic deadline for Gerald but I am going to push as hard as I can to reach it.  There is a competition I wish to enter and the last day for entry is 29 July 2013 which gives me around 7 weeks to finish the novel and get it into as polished a state as possible.  Judging by the blurb about the competition Gerald is just what they are looking for and as the agency only holds a competition for humorous fiction once a year I am going to have to push myself to reach this year’s deadline.

I have put chapter 11 to bed and am half way through chapter 12 which brings me close to the halfway point in the novel.  I will also be needing readers to jump aboard as I push for the finish line so if you are interested in becoming a reader for these final few weeks while I pull Gerald into shape please give me a shout.

Current word count:  31,763

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