Gerald Is Going Strong….

Great start to the weekend and still on course for completing first draft by the end of this month.  Chapter sixteen has just been put to bed and chapter seventeen feels like it will be a fun one to write.

I will hopefully be able to clean up the manuscript enough to allow me to enter the competition at the end of July.  I am increasing my daily word count goal and meeting it successfully, so we’ll have to see if I can keep up the pressure.  Gerald is having fun and the bad guy not so much LOL.

See you on the next update. Any readers out there are welcome to hop onto the train and give feedback.

Current Word Count: 45,215

2 Commentsto Gerald Is Going Strong….

  1. Christine says:

    Nice work on Gerald, Carl!!! I love to laugh at Gerald’s goofiness!! And now at his dragon too!! Keep up the word count and you’ll certainly make the deadline!!

  2. Carl says:

    Thanks Christine, your comments are going to really help on the next draft 🙂

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