Look What I Found On Amazon Today

It finally feels real. After several years of querying and editing ‘Gerald and the amulet of Zonrach’ I woke up this morning and found that my publisher has put it up on Amazon. The feeling was indescribable, which I actually should be able to do, being and author and all that, but so many feelings rushed through my body at once that I couldn’t define one over another. Elation would probably be close, but there were definitely more.

Seeing your book available for pre-order was wonderful. It took six months to write the first draft, but then the work or trying to get it out into the world began: fifteen rounds of edits; submissions to agents and publishers; entering pitch competitions. The journey can be exhausting, but when you get that email saying that a publisher wants your book the hard work pales into insignificance. Each step of the journey then is new and exciting and when you suddenly find you are listed on Amazon and other book sellers and your name jumps out as the author it hits you; you have fulfilled your dream.

Gerald is available for pre-order now on Amazon

My Amazon author page can be seen here

I hope you enjoy Gerald as much as I did writing it. I am now working on the sequel which also looks to be a fun and exciting ride 🙂

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