Jaguar Update

I wanted to set in stone where I am now with Jaguar.  This post will give me the incentive to push forward during the times when the words just won’t come.

As of this morning I am at around the half way mark of my first revision (second draft) and my goal is to have this draft finished by the end of May.

I am getting some great feedback from my main critique partner, ChrisB – from AQC which will stand me in good stead for my next draft.  Due to some of her comments I have been moving one or two of the chapters around to allow the novel to flow better.  I really must say that having a CP opens your eyes and is invaluable.  Thanks Chris 🙂

I am also working on my agent query letter which is even harder than writing the novel in the first place.  I has to be slick, it has to catch their attention and leave them wanting to read your manuscript.

I am hoping to start querying in August and would like to polish the MS with beta readers in July before I start the querying process.  If you are interested in becoming a beta reader then drop me a line.

Word Count:  43,288

One Commentto Jaguar Update

  1. ChrisB says:

    Hi Carl!
    Great blog! Love the potential front cover to the book!
    I really appreciate the feedback you’ve given me on my draft MS as well, and I agree that a CP is critical in getting the revisions done the right way!
    I’ll take a look at your query on AQC!

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