The Actuator: Fractured Earth by James Wymore

ActuatorThe Actuator; a machine that can transform the world around you into your favorite genre.  Fantasy, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Horror; an amazing concept.  Machine Monks are the people whose imagination the machine draws upon to create these alternate realities.

Dampers contain the alternate reality within a one mile radius in the desolate desert, keeping the world safe.  But someone has other ideas and sabotages the dampers.  When the Actuator is activated the whole planet becomes the test area.  Billions are affected by the changes wrought as the imagination of the Machine Monks spreads unhindered across the globe.

The only way to return the world to any semblance of reality is for a key to be inserted into the Actuator.  These are created by the Machine Monks and are required to return the test area back to its former self. But this time the Actuator requires twenty five keys; one for each genre. There are two major problems. First, the keys could be anywhere across the earth and second, they could be any object that a Machine Monk’s imagination can create. Red, a Key Hunter, and a few surviving Machine Monks must find the keys and return them to the Actuator.  A daunting task when every lethal monster imaginable is spread across the planet and rogue Machine Monks want their alternate realities to remain as they are.

A page turner that will keep you reading from the moment you open the book.

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About James:

James-WymoreMoving often as a youth, James Wymore’s family finally settled in the desert paradise of Utah.

He spent a couple years in Korea contemplating the balance of opposing forces. After learning chaos theory in college he found the ideal environment to continue his studies of the uncontrollable, and became a teacher. He earned a Master’s degree before departing from the academic path to seek the greater freedoms of fiction. Still fascinated by the borders of randomness, he now spends his free time playing and creating games with his friends and children.

Although he patiently awaits the Tallest Writer in History award, James Wymore has won several awards for his short stories.

His early books, rumored to have been written as young as sixteen, are forever locked away. Now a published author, he has realized one of his childhood dreams.

In his dwindling free time, he draws a line of death themed comics called Parting Shots. You can see them along with games he makes and his disorderly blog at

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