Update and Brandon Sanderson Class

This past weekend was a good one for me. I removed some chapters that I didn’t like and wrote two new ones. This dropped my word count for the novel temporarily to allow me to add new chapters which I hope will make the whole novel flow better and increase the momentum of the story.

I can credit two sources (both equally as important) for this change, and also for the new way that I am looking at writing as a whole. Hopefully this will be better for you, the readers, of Jaguar and my future novels.

The first is Brandon Sanderson and a series of videos of his 2012 creative writing class at Brigham University. These videos were taken and uploaded by Scott Ashton, a former student of Brandon’s. They are a great source of information for writers, not only on the creative writing side of the profession but also the industry itself. These videos, I would say, are a ‘must watch’ series for anyone who is serious about writing and wants to become published. To see theses videos and also sign up to take part in an online group for the 2013 lectures go to the ‘Write About Dragons’ website, here.

The second is my critique partner Christine Berman, who I mentioned in an earlier post. Her critique has made a large impression on how now I see Jaguar and her comments have opened my eyes and also instilled new and exciting ideas. Not only am I looking at writing in a new way but critiquing her novel ‘Inundation’ has allowed me to look at books in general as an editor not just a writer and this is allowing me to analyze my novel differently. I am new to viewing my manuscript as an editor but hopefully I am obtaining the tools to be able to improve Jaguar with each revision that I do.  Hopefully she will share some of ‘Inundation’  when I can persuade her to get her blog up and running.

Current Word Count:  57,290

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