First Author Vlog – March 12th 2017

This is my first author Vlog and I’m hoping to make them a regular event; once I get the video and sound at a decent standard. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up to date with what is going on in my writerly life. Ask questions on my social media pages, YouTube channel or the contact form here on my website. I apologize for the poor sound quality, but this first video will give you an idea of where I am in my career as an author 🙂


Freckles was originally adopted out to a prestigious residential area where you would be hard pushed to find a house for less than $1,000,000. The new owners were a family with children and if you had seen the area where she went to her new home you would have been very pleased to see her go there.

Freckles was returned to a local vet next to the AAAS a broken girl.

We adopted her and each day we get indications of what she must have gone through and it breaks your heart. We have seen x-rays that were taken when she went back to the AAAS and the list of injuries is horrendous (compressed fracture of a vertebra, 3 broken ribs, broken left tibia (hind leg), twisted right hind leg), psychological that cannot be fully estimated at the moment). We are beginning to believe that they may not have been caused at the same time but were sustained over the period that she was in her first home (if you can call it that). She has little setbacks in trust no matter how gently we handle her sometimes indicating that she is expecting us to hurt her. It is going to take a lot of time for her to trust completely again. But since she has been with us she has really come out of her shell and is a happy playful little girl. She knows here that no finger will ever be lifted towards her that does not have friendly intentions.

Wally And Freckles

Wally was rescued by someone who saw the beating he was taking as a small puppy. He went to AAAS a broken boy who could not move. He had a broken hip and dislocated right shoulder as a result of the beating. Freckles was his rock during his recovery period and the two were inseparable.

Once we adopted Freckles, Wally had to learn to socialise with other small dogs at AAAS but he could not seem to adjust to the fact that Freckles had gone.

We decided that they should be reunited and we adopted Wally. He is really fitting in well, his confidence is growing each day and he is beginning to want to be a little guard dog. His attitude and outlook indicate that his injuries were caused by a one off beating and not sustained over a period of time which, although bad, is encouraging. We believe that he already has put the beating he received in the past and is enjoying his new forever home.

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