Watched Stephen King Interviews

Okay this is a little creepy as I’m a fantasy writer, and more to the point I usually write humor if the story feels it should be that way. The Gerald series is a classic example of that and I believe that there is more than a soupcon of me in that character; not particularly good at anything but if I do try and do it, I do it one hundred percent and with the best equipment I can afford. I like to look the part you see.

Well, I’ve just been listening to a couple of interviews with Stephen King, one of my favorite authors, who I read a lot even though his books are not the genre I write. Basically I read them because I like his writing and he is also pretty much a pantser like me. While listening to one interview a scene popped into my head and I couldn’t get it out, so I wrote it down. For me, considering what I like to write, this scene is pretty disturbing as you will see. I’m going to put it below. 🙂


The sirens are getting louder. I can hear the roar of the engines now and the screech of tires lance through my brain. I am running out of time, but the voice will not let me stop until it is done.
The eyes, full of terror a moment ago, flicker as life leaves them. I lean forward, lips almost touching, and inhale that one final breath as it leaves her body.
The voice says ‘well done’ and I feel a surge of elation. I have pleased him–or is it her? I’ve never really been sure. I do know that this feeling will dissipate quickly and soon I will be at the bottom of a bottle to keep out the voice.
Just as I gripped the neck of the unfortunate soul below me, I will be gripping the neck of that bottle, trying to strangle the owner of the voice.

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