Wolf by Jim Ringel

Wolf-cover2500-672x1024The dogs have gone. Humans have deserted the suburbs and crammed themselves into the cities.

Johnny’s life is down the crapper.  No sales -a salesman’s job is to sell. And no wife -she divorced him because he can’t sell.  He once had a dog, but euthanized it when it got old.  A piece of that dog lives in him, literally.  After Sindra died he took a part of her to keep with him forever, and each day he injects a tiny piece of her into his body.  His most treasured possession is the small vial containing a piece of her.

His life tumbles further down the sewer when a fellow salesman is killed in an alleyway.  Two things, apart from the death of his co-worker, complicate matters further.  A dog is in the alleyway, the first that has been seen for years.  And, an order his associate is carrying is worth a shit load of money.  Money that Johnny believes can repair his marriage and turn his life around. The problem is, his company doesn’t sell any products with the eight digit code on the order form. To fulfill the order he must find out what the product is. And from that moment his life is turned upside down.

Jim Ringel has a great way of building a scene.  The narrative is rich and peppered with colorful descriptions, drawing the reader deeper into the scene.  This dystopian novel is a great read and well worth adding to your library.

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About Jim Ringel

jimJim Ringel lives in Boulder. When not writing fiction, he can be found hiking, biking, and skiing in the Colorado mountains, or sitting still and meditating at home.

He also does a lot of reading, and is a long-standing member of Denver’s Lighthouse Literary Workshop.

Jim’s author page at Curiosity Quills


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