Year End And Next Year Plans

Hi all,

This little post is to let you know what has been happening and what, I hope, will be happening next year.

This year was a bit of a pain to tell the truth, until I got an amazing email from James Wymore at Immortal works. Finally, I am to be a published author. I signed a publishing contract with Immortal Works and my year changed, or should I say, my perception of 2016 changed. Suddenly what was a pretty bad year turned into a dream year.

I signed my contract and was assigned an editor, now the real work begins because writing the book is supposedly the easy part. Really? In retrospect writing the novel was the easy part. The hard part was revising the novel several times so that it shined like a new penny. Then came the excitement and eagerness of awaiting a response to queries I sent out to agents and publishers. This was followed by the crushing heartache of rejections coming in. Being a writer is a roller coaster ride and there are times that you think it will never happen. Suddenly you are there, someone loved your book enough to put a team behind producing it and getting out to the public. For some reason this was the point when I actually thought I was an author.

The dust has now settled and I am awaiting the first round of edits from my editor. Did I just say that? ‘My Editor’ Each time I think that, it sinks in a little more that I achieved a lifelong dream. But, that feeling is fleeting, like a willo-the-wisp, something that you can’t actually grasp. To me it still doesn’t feel real. I’m sure most authors go through this phase and eventually it does sink in that you are doing the job you always wanted to do.

Now that GERALD AND THE AMULET OF ZONRACH is in the hands of my editor – see I said it again – I concentrated on going through my other completed novel to tweak it ready for submission to my publisher. I have now done that and am waiting with bated breath to see if JAGUAR finds a home with Immortal Works.

I also have two works in progress:

GERALD AND THE THREE PRINCESSES, which is the next in the series of Gerald books. This novel finds him in a strange land and immediately in a bad situation. The real problem though is if he is successful he may find that he returns home shorter than he arrived. And if he is really good he could, realistically return home without being a wizard anymore. He is going to have a lot of problems trying to untangle that mess. I’m hoping to complete the first draft of that novel by mid 2017.

My other WIP is WILFRID and the first chapter can be seen here on my blog. This is the story of a twelve year old Anglo Saxon boy whose life is turned upside down after his rite of manhood ceremony. What should have been an exciting period of his life is shattered by the death of his father and then the death of his best friend. Be is banished from his village by the Thegn because his best friend was the Thegn’s son who believed Wilfrid responsible. From there he has to seek revenge and put things right, but his beliefs are challenged by his ordeal and everything he thought was concrete in his life now is now confused and as clear as the marshes to the east of his home. This story is set in 8th century England and it is a bad time to be wandering around the countryside where marauding Welsh warriors are a common threat and Kings change at the drop of an axe.  I’m hoping that the first draft for this novel will be finished by the end of Jan 2017

So, to summarize. 2016 ended on the ultimate high, signing a publishing contract for GERALD. Next year looks promising with the release of my debut novel and, possibly, my second novel as well. I will also have completed the sequel to GERALD and the first in the WILFRID series. To say that 2017 is going to be a busy and exciting year is an understatement. For me it is the start of, what I hope to be, a very fulfilling second career, this time as a full time author 🙂

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